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Future Horizon
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Based in Islamabad- Pakistan, Future Horizon is linked online with the Middle- and Far-East while servicing clients mainly in the U.A.E. Expansion into other countries operationally is underway.  

The Pakistani worker has hardly any comparison. Be it as planning and management or labour, many a wonders in the modern world have had the skill of a Pakistani worker in one way or another. Over the years recruitment has become a highly lucrative if somewhat questionable sector, in many instances the difference between recruitment and human trafficking blurs to the extent of indistinguishable.

This is where the roots of Future Horizon are, a world-class organization with transparency at its core, understanding the requirements of our clients and finding the ideal human resource to meet them.

For more than a decade, Future Horizon has through these values brought together people who today enjoy impeccable team chemistry and are set to go beyond new horizons of achievements in the future. We keep your vision, interest and success in mind. Whether you are looking for the right people or the right job, we fully understand the stakes, we…mind your business.